Society Resources

For our FREE Guest Members, our primary goal is to provide Resources that assist interested descendants of Foreign Protestants Founding Families and/or historically sensitive individuals in their continued research and content creation. Our digital Society has therefore been built upon a carefully designed and selected set of fully integrated customized resource solutions utilizing some the world’s finest open source technologies.

Content Management System

The Society's museum grade technology solution will be built upon a customized Drupal Content Management System (CMS) with a highly configurable and searchable database.

Drupal is currently used by following major museums in:


  • Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic -  Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
  • Canadian Museum of Nature - Ottawa, Ontario
  • Museum of Vancouver - Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Avonlea Heritage Museum - Avonlea, Saskatchewan
  • Alberta Railway Museum - Edmonton, Alberta

  United States:

  • Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History-Ocean Portal - Washington, DC
  • National Maritime Mariners' Museum - Newport News, VA
  • Philadelphia History Museum - Philadelphia, PA
  • New Museum Of Contemporary Art - NYC, New York
  • Peabody Museum of Archeology & Ethnology, Harvard University - Boston, MA

Mapping System (Geographic Information System)

Our approach is based upon customized mapping software and tools provided by Google Maps. Our FREE Self-Guided Walks tool will allow for the identification of interesting and potentially important family heritage Places found in an online or in-person walk  thorough Lunenburg's built heritage of 500+ buildings and sites in it's Museum Without Walls.  Identified by their Google map street addresses,  these Place Profiles provide street level photographs,  architectural descriptions,  and building ownership histories.  Place searches can be targeted by:  property usage type,  street names,  and by specific  family  surname or an individual person 's name. Online sharing tools will allow the convenient Internet based sharing of this information with other interested relatives and friends.  Upon a local in person visit, these Place Profiles can then also be accessed in landscape mode by smartphones, and tablets utilizing either WiFi and/or cellular data plans.

Content Creation Tools

These customized tools will empower our members to help create and/or enhance their own digital content including multimedia to be stored in their Places and People Profiles with any accompanying Stories.

Member Store

As one of our main resources for sustaining our operating and maintenance expenses, we have an online store primarily to make available to our casual visitors and Guest Members some of the books and research publications, both digitally and in print, that have been developed by amateur  and professional historians and ancestral researchers on the subject of the original Foreign Protestants families and their descendants.

Online Communities

The Guest Members of the Society will be provided a place for families or groups of like-minded individuals to gather and share information and research. We encourage and are hopeful that members from each Foreign Protestants Founding Family will wish to become active in sharing their information in discussions and forums as interested descendants of their respected families. This feature is in pre-launch status, please check back.

Ancestral Records System

Our system has been built upon an open source solution that will allow Guest Members to create or enhance their Foreign Protestants digital ancestral records and charts. Our solution is very different from most other ancestral/genealogy software programs that must be first downloaded to a user’s personal computers and then maintained by that user.  Our approach is a multi-user web based solution available by Internet connection to our Society Guest Members via most any computer with an Internet connection.  Additionally, a Guest Member can access our web site by by smartphones, or tablets utilizing either WiFi and/or cellular data. Those interested need to contact the Society's Curator.