Society Background

Society's Purposes:

From our knowledge gained, we established the Society’s purposes as follows:

  • Ensure for now and forever the proper international recognition of these resilient and creative initial settlers who created Canada’s first successful multiculturalmultilingual, and multi-religion successful non-English speaking rural community.
  • Especially honor Dr. Christopher Chris Young whose donation of his lifetime Foreign Protestants works to our Society will help fund its future.
  • Ensure the continued recognition of and exposure to the important works of our Foreign Protestants historians and genealogists, both published professionally and privately as an amateurs.
  • Provide the Nova Scotia South Shore community with an international not-for-profit visitor attraction resource to financially assist the South Shore Genealogical Society, the Lunenburg Heritage Society, the Mahone Bay Museum, the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic, and the Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia who have faithfully assisted in protecting and promoting Foreign Protestants heritage.
  • Provide a deeply searchable indexed museum grade database content management system containing the original Foreign Protestants lists of names by their ship manifests, censuses, return to arms, and maps. Additionally many other Trusted Sources have further gathered and developed additional new content from this original, handwritten information first developed by Dr. Winthrop Pickard Bell, and then later enhanced by Dr. J. Christopher Chris Young with the help of Terrence Terry Punch, D.Litt., CG(C), Ken Paulsen, Ph.D., and many other passionate amateur researchers.
  • Provide FREE Guest Members through our Member Store a reliable and very reasonably priced source of downloadable digital research materials.
  • Aggregate, focus, and refine the disparate Internet Foreign Protestants informational and historical content into a single convenient web site derived from a community built collection of Trusted Sources.
  • Assist in attracting additional NEW ancestral and heritage-sensitive visitors to Lunenburg and the South Shore of Nova Scotia.
  • Provide FREE access to our fully digital Museum Without Walls utilizing modern GIS locator mapping technologies to enhance both online pre-trip planning and/or in-person walks through Lunenburg’s built heritage of 500+ historical buildings. The concept of a fully participatory and engaged learning experience, was first proposed to the Town of Lunenburg in Roy Eugene Graham, FAIA’s, World Heritage Community Strategy (May 1998), and is the basis of the Society’s basic concept:

Places and People through their Stories create a Family’s Heritage.
A collection of Family Heritages becomes a Community's Heritage.

Society's Founder:

 Charlie Guy, life long Florida resident, when first visiting Lunenburg in September 2011, knew of his mother’s relationship to Leopold Frederick Langille, the Father of the South Shore Langille’s, a 1753 Foreign Protestants Founding Family. In the 1980’s, Rosemary Langille Guy assisted Stewart C Langille (both Florida residents) in his exhaustive research on their Langille family later published in his book, A History and Genealogy of the South Shore Langilles of Nova Scotia, 4th Edition, ca. 1984.

Not understood from Charlie’s reading of Stewart’s book was Lunenburg’s charm and historically significance not only to the founding of Nova Scotia, but to all of North America.  After just three days in Town, he and his wife, Linda, decided to purchase a 2nd home in Lunenburg where they would spent five months each year in Lunenburg working on this project. Then in the fall of 2017 with pressing family issues in Florida, they sold their home, but will continue to return to Lunenburg yearly to continue his work on the project.

From initial interactions with key heritage knowledgeable residents in Nova Scotia’s South Shore, Charlie quickly learned that Lunenburg, even with its heritage designations, National Historical Site of Canada and UNESCO World Heritage Site, did NOT enjoy a formal museum or specific web site celebrating the rich heritage and culture of the Foreign Protestants.

Combining life experiences in education and technology with his newly acquired passion for his Foreign Protestants heritage, Charlie chose to honor his maternal grandfather,  Justin E. Langille, II,  and Charlie's mentor and benefactor, Dr.  J. Christopher Chris Young by designing and funding the development of North America's first not-for-profit digital Society Museum Without Wall.