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Welcome to our digital Museum Without Walls celebrating the heritage of Canada's 1st successful multicultural, multilingual, and multi-religion successful non-English speaking rural community. Our simple concept...... 

Places and People through their Stories create a Family’s Heritage
A collection of Family Heritages becomes a Community's Heritage.

For Foreign Protestants' Founding Family descendants and other heritage-curious visitors, we provide two distinctive online digital approaches...

A TRUSTED RESOURCE COLLECTION based in large measure upon the lifelong efforts of some of...

   ... the most respected and recognized professionally published Foreign Protestants' historians, genealogists, and archivists:

 ... and many passionate amateur Foreign Protestants' descendants researchers who sometimes became private publishers of their historical and/or genealogical efforts:

A LUNENBURG WALKING to LEARN EXPERIENCE ... either online or in-person:

EXPLORE through online or in-person FREE Self-Guided Walks the rich Foreign Protestants* heritage & culture as Nova Scotia's earliest non-English speaking & multicultural community with its 600+ built heritage Places contributing to our National Historical Site of Canada & UNESCO World Heritage Site designations.

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*Who were these first Foreign Protestants?

Originally landing in Halifax (1749-1752), these immigrants came from Germany, Switzerland, and the Montbeliard region of France and Holland to help colonize Nova Scotia on behalf of the British who were in competition with the French to take control of the territory. Many descendants of these original settlers still today make up a large part of the Nova Scotia's South Shore's population while over a million others now populate both Canada and the United States. More Foreign Protestants History.

*Are you or a family member a descendant of these Foreign Protestants?

To determine, use our digitally indexed lists of Founding Families Names based upon the original, handwritten notes of Dr. Winthrop Pickard Bell, professional and published historian and that then led to his book Register of The Foreign Protestants of Nova Scotia (ca. 1749-1770) published by Dr.  J. Christopher (Chris) Young, amateur genealogist and historian.